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Did you know that kids receiving radiation as part of their cancer treatment in Calgary can’t get it done at the Children’s Hospital? They have to go to the adult Cancer Center – an environment not geared towards kids at all. We didn’t realize that either until Evelyn had to go there. It became immediately clear to us that the kids getting radiation needed a brighter and more child-friendly experience. With this knowledge in hand, we began advocating for better resources for children like Evelyn.

This advocacy work began with an annual toy drive so there would be comfort and reward items available for kids receiving treatment. Since then, it has grown into Heather, Evelyn’s mom, serving as a Pediatric Radiation Oncology Advisor for the new Calgary Cancer Center opening next year.

With Heather’s voice being heard we have already seen some great improvements. The new pediatric waiting room, where kids can be with other kids and better resources for the INCREDIBLE staff. We are especially thrilled to announce the approval of the hiring of a ChildLife Specialist, which will occur when the new Cancer Center opens!

The hiring of a ChildLife Specialist is critical to the mental health and care of the children receiving radiation. This is a HUGE step in a positive direction of providing whole-health care for our children. Evelyn would be so proud of this project!

The funding needed to hire someone into this role is $1 million dollars. Yes, you read that correct, $1 million dollars is needed to create this life-changing experience for our children. We need everyone we know to band together and help us achieve this very special memorial project in Evelyn’s name.

Child Life Specialist Description
A clinic appointment, medical procedure, or hospital stay can be a stressful and traumatic experience for patients and families. Certified Child Life Specialists are educated and clinically trained in trauma reduction, in addition to the developmental impact of illness and injury. Their role helps improve patient and family care, satisfaction, and overall experience. Certification is awarded through the international professional organization, the Association of Child Life Professionals, after reaching a Bachelors or Masters Level of education, and completing an extensive clinical internship. Certified Child Life Specialists help infants, children, youth and families cope with the stress and uncertainty that comes with a cancer diagnosis. They provide therapeutic play programs which are designed to reduce stress and help patients cope with hospitalization. This includes: Helping prepare children for medical and surgical procedures.  Providing emotional support to patients during times of stress. Working with other health-care teams to help children.  Using symbolic activities to elicit patient concerns about the hospital experience.  Helping to clarify any concerns about the intended treatment plan. Providing family support and education. Providing diversional opportunities for normative play.

The Calgary Cancer Centre is coming to life this very second. When it opens its doors, it will transform the lives of so many facing cancer. Together, we can accelerate cancer research and improve care and treatment for Albertans, and beyond.

Please help me OWN.CANCER by making a donation through my page. Because the more we own cancer, the less it owns us.

The Team Evelyn Foundation is coming!

Whenever we would make a donation at the hospital Evelyn would put her heart at the bottom of the tree. Ev said she did that because she was part of the roots. The roots are strong and provide nutrients to the other trees. She was a part of making kids better and helping families.

As we have been making plans to build a legacy for Ev we are keenly aware of the simplicity in this lesson she taught us. We are going to build roots and take care of people who are journeying pediatric cancer. We will be JOY bringers, we will make sure kids get experiences that Evelyn loved and would want to see others having. We will continue to raise awareness and we will work towards funding research.

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Evelyn Faye Roy, on February 26, 2020, at the tender age of 11 years.

Evelyn was welcomed with joy by her parents, Heather and Michael Roy on August 6, 2008. She was a happy, precocious child, with a signature squeak and the brightest green eyes that you have ever seen. Her strawberry-blonde hair and freckles warmed the hearts of her entire family. Evelyn was a best friend and mentor to her younger sister Harper, who remains Evelyn’s biggest cheerleader.

Sadly, Evelyn left us too soon after a challenging flight with Neuroblastoma. Evelyn was a warrior when it came to her treatment, facing the worst days with her signature bravery and smile.

Her battle was not lost, but fought hard with grace, light and dignity.

Carried in our hearts forever <3